Thursday, January 08, 2009

This goes out to all who have passed by and read. Those who have commented thank you!
So some special mentions and I know I will leave someone out so I am sorry but here goes.
Firstly Gillette Who walks her talk. Whom I admire for her journey, her courage for sticking with it, and seeing it through. And although she is sometimes afraid she gets the hell on with it. I am sure her cooking is amazing and other things that she does too. She is a great woman.

K8, who reminds me what it is like where I come from. Who is a great laugh and takes life by the balls and squeezes.

Krista who is a great artist and photographer, Moni who is just fun, is a great mom, and even though our politics are different we see eye to eye on a lot.

Then two others whom I am not going to link to but they are still in the side bar. Miss T and Miss Monica, both great doers, great sports people, whom I admire and need guidance from.

Happy New Year to all of you who have come to read thank you, and to all who have left a comment, thanks even more.
Have fun! Click on the photo if you can't see it clearly :-)


Gillette said... are so sweet..thanks so much for your honoring, my friend. Have a stupendous year!

Moni said...

LOL, so...we do not see eye to eye on poitics, huh?? LOL. Its ok, we still admire each other, so I guess we are still great. Thank you for the mention and for thinking of me as a friend. Maybe one day we can sit down and have coffee and a great face to face talk. You take care and have a wonderfull new year!!!

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