Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update 1730 Jan 27

So, we have been to the Supermarket. I was thinking the walking might stimulate some action.
We went to bed both of us, and slept fitfully.
We had lunch. Plenty of PASTA for the work involved later on.
Walking around, Contraction watching TV, Contraction, snoozing Contraction, Cup of Tea Contraction.
Mid Wife told us to stay Put. I agree.
Baby will come soon but not before sun down. It's slow annoying for Lover. She wants it to Hurry up now. She is feeling a bit schizo, wants to lie down and can't it hurts too much. Wants to be up and about but can't it hurts.
She is doing really really good. It's really slow and really calm. I don't think I will be sleeping tonight.

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Moni said...

Keep the updates coming, well if you can...
I am thinking about you both.
With all my love!

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