Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long time

I knew it would take a while. The contractions that started yesterday after noon come in 20 minute intervals sharper and longer each time, there has been some blood as the...... Stopper? I just can't remember the word, has been ejected, and lately just a little fluid loss. It's probably 24 hours now, Lover is exhausted but not sleepy. I am so Sleepy. I don't touch or get in the way, but I check in constantly asking if she is okay. Lunch will soon.
I am sure I will write less and less as it gets more near the time. Something is now telling me 9pm tonight will be important. Already she wants it finished. What can I do only sit and watch and wait and love, and be really thrilled at this miracle happening for us?

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Gillette said...

Mucous plug :)

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