Saturday, February 12, 2005

A day of games

I cannot believe how mean spiritedly I veiw the city council of Nice this fine day in Febuary. Today was the carnival parade. A small section of town was blocked off and people who wanted to see the parade were forced to pay to get into a small area to view it. Someone had erected hording to prevent the general passer by getting a view. I was stunned at the miserliness of it. Back home our equivalent is St Patricks day and basically it's a free for all. A huge parade goes through town eveyone looks and then goes home. Mostly for the kids.
Today people had fun but many didn't bother because of the cost. I followed up my dissapointment by watching the Irish rugby team (still and upper class sport, but yet an Irish team) beat the crap out of the Scottish. So so far so good. Next match is against the English and won't my heart sing if we win that one. :-) Onwards for six nations glory. But hey if we loose there is always the world cup soccer qualifers to look forward to. So anyway today's was a good game.
In disscussion with a friend today, we noted how people play games with each other. It's something I have never understood. The need to play games with one another is something that drives me nuts. If you like someone tell them. If you don't like someone tell them. If you need something say so, if you don't, say so. What the hell is all the playing about, hard to get, "I am not interested" crap about when all you really want to do is jump on the person? IF you want someone, tell them, with respect. Heck what have you got to loose. Cut the bullshit and get down to brass tacks. That way you have more energy to enjoy what you like. If you are made for each other it will work. If not it won't. But you sure as hell won't find out if you are playing the "how much are you interested game " all the time. In fact I should call it the HOW MUCH game. It seems to be based on How much money, How much time, how much energy, how much meat you have got between your legs. Now maybe I am being cynical and maybe these questions are valid, but surely not to the expense of a loving caring relationship. What the hell are you afraid of. I am not your past, I am your future baby, come get me.


gdtownshende said...

Well, if that wasn't forthright, I don't know what is. LOL

BlueMoon said...

Nicely put.

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