Thursday, February 10, 2005

Learning to open up

So what happens in your town when OTAN comes to town?
Well around these here parts, people take a day off a work due to closed roads. (what a lousy excuse)
The road to Monaco was so much quieter today than before. I was able to cruise and watch the frigate out in the bay undergoing manouvers. Security is high. Town is not deserted but there is definitely less people around. Even friends cancel meeting up and prefer not to leave their homes.
Perhaps everyone is a little nervous with all the cops around. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. With a 50cc scooter the inconvienience of a closed road is more than surmountable. I wonder about people here a lot. Funnily enough in this paradise, people fall into two catagories. Firstly the locals and then the anglophones. The locals have a reputation (even among themselves) of being closed and hard to get know. So making french friends is not perhaps as easy as it would be to make friends elsewhere. I understand it somewhat. If you constantly have visitors who come and go, you might end up feeling a little taken for granted and used. However the french in this part of the world do keep their friends it seems from childhood to the grave.
The anglophones are not however adverse to being open and in fact, sometimes, they are way too open. Many people hide out here from problems. Others are faced with the problems once they get here. People seem to pretty screwed up and going through tough times. Many, not all, but many anglophones can't speak french, then they can't find a job, then they can't deal with administration and so and on it goes. A vicious circle of stress that turns people into moaning whinnying children. It drives me nuts. If I encounter another person who is having severe emotional problems I'll start charging for my time.
On the up side and falling out of the groups outlined, there are plenty of Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Arab people here and they are certainly adding the spice to my life experiences. I don't expect it all to be easy and perhaps that's how I cope. But the sun is shining, attractive people are everywhere, and the flowers are starting to appear. The cultural and social diversity is rich and enriching I find. Carnival is coming. Life is good.
I tried to get a haircut today and had to make an appointment. The appearance needs some work. That in turn well help the confidence and the career search. Oh well if its raining where you are just remember the sun is shining somewherea and spring is on the way.

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