Wednesday, February 16, 2005

How times have changed

Well would you believe it. Obviously the day of the loving saint was a washout. Nothing not even an email.
Yesterday the town of Nice had the walls up again, people were charged silly prices and everyone had a flower battle. Actually the battle was with confetti, and silly string. The flowers were more or less handed to you as you stood with other spectators watching some spectacular ballons, and even more spectacular costumes. It was chilly so I felt for the girls in the g strings with the Brazilian samba band. Yes it occured to me it would be nicer to feel them than to feel for them but it was not to be. I didn't even try. ..... well not really...well I did make eye contact with one of them....oops this is public right?
We didn't pay in. I have something inherent that prevents me paying for things that towns and cities used to put on for free once upon a time. How times have changed. I have spent many a cold and wet and windy day, standing by the side of street enjoy the St Patricks day parade at no cost. I have even come across festivals in other countries, no cost. So why the town of Nice need to make a profit, by making near naked ladies dance beside the sea on a very cold night is really beyond me. They fact they are trying to install a tram way in the town kinda hampers things a little too. It's now a bit like normal traffic in Dublin but still a ways to go.
Any way back to the battaille des fleurs (correct my spelling if you can). 10 mins from the end of the night, it was impossible to buy a ticket as all the stalls had shut. People were still being refused entry even though the stand the town had erected on the promenade was half empty.
We strolled around found an ungarded gate and in we went. I ended up with the biggest bouquet of Mimosa and my boy insisted we give them to his mother. I kinda had other ideas and I am still wondering. However at the moment they sit in a vase on my bookcase brightening the place up a bit. Something is changing in the old bloodstream and I feel more upbeat and confident than I have in a long time.
I wonder where this blog will take me. :-)

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