Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Learning the language of the police

Getting home from Monaco today was not the normal 25mins but more like two hours.
NATO defense ministers gathered in Nice, today for two days of talks on training Iraqi security forces. The number of cops knocking around the place was nuts. I stopped beside a guy with riot shield, a gun, and baton to ask him what was going on. I told him I had never seen the like of that back home in Ireland. He was surprised that Ireland was not in Nato. I explained to him the constitutional stituation of neutrality that somehow allowed US army planes to land in Shannon and refuel on their way to Iraq. He didn't understand it either. We chatted for a while and I sped off on my scooter, laughing at the thought of having a similar conversation anywhere else in the world with the local police.
Apparently there was a protest too, but due to road works and the lay out of the city it got no where near the ministers meeting.
Local police and CRS are everywhere and the average nicois doesn't seem to know why. Oh well I guess it's just part of the mediterranian laid back attitude.
Ireland play Portugal tonight in Dublin I will head out to the bar to see if I can catch it on the big screen.
I have to laugh, everytime I say I am working in various banks in Monaco people are far more impressed than when I tell them I am a teacher of English. (I just don't tell them I am teaching English in various banks in Monaco, only for a laugh mind you).
Life is still tough, but good. I'll write soon and let you know what happens re protests, cops, and teaching next week.

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