Thursday, February 03, 2005

Learning When To Kick

When things are not easy you know it might be time to kick oneself up the ass, or it might not.
I think the wisdom comes in knowing the difference.
Having lived in this part of world for almost two years now, I never imagined how vast the differences in the level of living could seem.
Doubtless the Cote D'Azur is the playground of the Rich and Famous. We have tax havens, Casinos, Marina's, uncountable hotels that don't figure on the Back-trackers guide to anywhere. However, I can't help noticing the haves, and the have-nots. Now maybe some of this is to do with my own edge around money. I am an inverted snob. No time for rich people, uncomfortable around wealth, I am convinced it was never made legally and always off someones back, yet I am open to persuasion. It's the insecurity of a jealousy of the well off, that comes from being broke all the time. Are they really happy? Damn right they are.
The other day walking home, I saw a group of "eastern europeans". (small case is intentional). They were lobbying plastic sacks up into an olive tree near the main thourough fare. I assumed they were trying to hide their worldly possessions. They would then go and find a place, a doorway to bed down for the night. I thought of offering them floor space and then thought the better of it. Then I thought but what happens if they make it rich and I did help wow! I know I was being naieve but what the heck, that's what goes on in my mind when I have nothing better to think of. I walked off and saw two police officers apporaching the group silently on bicycles. I whistled in the Hope of being heard and I wasn't. I don't know if they were arrested. I didn't stop to watch what happened eager to get home again as it was a chilly night.
I couldn't help wondering about the police. Didn't they have anything better to do? I have seen people driving like lunatics here but no one ever stops them to see are they drunk. Perhaps I too could be in the same situation if I don't sort myself out and that was a real fear. So I thought I'd better kick myself in the ass and get myself sorted out. I should have a real career instead of all this part-time running around like a lunatic.
I thought it, but somehow, I still haven't manged to do it. Hmmmm. When does one give oneself a real kick up the backside?

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